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Get smart financing, simplified book keeping, free e-shop and automated lead generation solution as well as multiple business tools and resources; all in one FREE App!

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AfriPayU is built for aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs on the continent – a secure and simple digital banking app, that connect business owner to cross border payment, smart financing, complete business management system, free e-shop, and business listing as well as automated business lead generation, human resource management system

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AfriPayU enables you to schedule and automate your savings.

We offer your three type of savings

Smart Saving

Save as You Spend/ Save as You Earn

Targeted Savings

Locked Savings

Locked Savings

Earn up to 15% APY

Get funding to grow your business

Access new funding options and fast accelerate your business growth with AfriPayU Smart buffer fund, invoice factoring, hire purchase and ENPL solution.

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Business Lead Generation

Automate brand promotion, advert placement and business lead generation